First 100 Heroes of Islam Annual Exhibition

This year marks our first inauguration of the first 100 Heroes of Islam Annual Exhibition. The exhibition was held on Saturday, 27th of April 2024 and was officiated by the Datuk Bandar of Shah Alam, YB Tuan Ir. Hj Cheremi Tarman.

Seven of the 100 Heroes exhibited:

1) Prophet Adam A.S.

2) Prophet Musa A.S.

3) Imam al-Bukhari

4) Aisyah R.A.

5) Salahuddin al-Ayubi

6) Umar al-Khattab

7) Muhammad Ali

Each booth showcased the legacies of the heroes, who have profoundly shaped Islamic history and inspire our journey forward. One of the most prominent displays was Prophet Adam A.S’s  thobe (at almost 16 meters long) hanging from the school’s 5th floor. Also, a mock display of the Red Sea split miracle of Prophet Musa A.S. and an actual boxing ring at Muhammad Ali’s tent.

Celebrating the timeless values the heroes upheld and immersing into the captivating stories of “100 Heroes of Islam” at our very first exhibition.

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