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The prime role of the Head of Department, English is to provide strong academic leadership. As the Head of Department is required to lead, manage, and develop the department to ensure it achieves the highest possible standards of excellence in all its activities. She/he will ensure high standard soft teaching, learning and achievement, efficient use of resources and creative development of the English curriculum.

You are responsible for:

  1. Strategic Planning and Management

• Creates an appropriate and strong management team for the School. Promotes an internal organization that permits effective communication – up and down.

• Ensure that health and safety policies and practices, including risk assessments, throughout the department are in-line with national requirements and are updated where necessary, therefore liaising with the school’s Student Welfare Department

Coordinating and evaluating teaching and the curriculum
• Contribute to school wide curriculum development through relevant collaboration in alignment with school goals.
• Sets standards of participation and achievement in each of the following areas:
i. Assures that the curricular scope and sequence, as well as instructional strategies, reflect the school’s philosophy and goals.
ii. Provides leadership in the process of curriculum development.
iii. Provides assistance and support to the staff in their efforts to develop curricula that reflect the school’s philosophy and goals.
iv. Implements formal and informal programs that relate to high moral and ethical conduct. This includes counselling and advisory programs, a system of positive discipline that promotes kindness and courtesy, and a mechanism for coordinated psychological assistance in the event of student need.

Curriculum Provision and Developments
• Liaise with the Principal to ensure the provision (amending or designing as necessary) of a broad curriculum in English (language and literature) that meets the aims of the school and the needs of all students.

Leadership and management of others
• Lead the department, inducting, developing, deploying, motivating and appraising staff where relevant to ensure that they have clear expectations of their roles, and that high standards are achieved and maintained

Teaching and learning
• Promote excellence in teaching and learning to ensure all pupils develop their potential.
• Exemplify in own practice first class teaching skills and ensure that good practice is shared throughout the department, including good classroom management.

  1. Communications

• Actively promote the department within the school community to encourage pupils’ interest in the subject area.
• Contribute to the positive promotion and marketing of the school

  1. Relationship Building
    • Work with Principal to ensure that staff development needs are identified and that appropriate programmes are designed to meet such needs.
    • Undertake Performance Management Review(s) and to act as reviewer for a group of staff within the designated department.


• Must have a Diploma/Degree/Master/MBA/PHD in education field especially Cambridge IGCSE syllabus with a minimum of 5 years of experience in similar capacity or related field
• Possess breadth of technical knowledge in the specialist field, especially education.
• Great leadership qualities where able to motivate subordinates, share success, defend work of subordinates and many more.
• Able to plan, organized and controlled progress of work activities.
• Must also possessed interpersonal skills such as able to relate to others by way of consensus relating to ideas/work activities/timing and instructional communication skill.
• Requires integration and coordination of related or activities in professions.

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