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Seven Skies International uses the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum as an international Islamic school in Malaysia.  EYFS focuses on the principle that every child is unique. They learn through positive relationships in an enabling environment, and ultimately, they develop and learn in different ways.

Our International Kindergarten employs the EYFS, which emphasises the importance of play in its learning with the integration of other teaching approaches as well, such as inquiry and project-based approaches. The main learning areas of EYFS are;

  1. Communication and language
  2. Physical development
  3. Personal, social and emotional development
  4. Literacy
  5. Mathematics
  6. Understanding the world
  7. Arts

Learn more about the EYFS curriculum here.

Our International Kindergarten at the Social Theme Event
Our International Kindergarten enjoying themselves during Animal World Week
Our International Kindergarten doing programmes with the Community

More than just your typical kindergarten

On top of the internationally recognised curriculum, we also integrate our lessons with Islamic values and principles. Our children are exposed to the Arabic language and Islamic practicalities such as solah, sadaqah and hajj. Exposure is very important for children as it allows them to develop holistically. Further enhancement of these values is given according to their age and development.

At SSI, we involve the children in our local community outreach programmes targeted to centres such as orphanages or old folks homes. The main aim of programmes like this is to uplift, support and simultaneously share joy, love and laughter with the less fortunate or privileged.

It is important to show children the different ways to give – through time, money, effort and energy – to help others who are in need. All little acts of kindness can go a long way and these acts teach children to be better individuals. 


We believe that not all things can be taught in the classroom, especially character development. It is a mix of different approaches, activities and programs that cater to individualized needs.


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