Introducing our New School Principal – Mr. Djohann Iskandar Kwan Abdullah

Seven Skies International School

I’m extremely pleased to announce that Mr. Djohann Iskandar Kwan Abdullah has accepted the position as the new Principal of our school and we are delighted to have him onboard.

Mr Djohann, who has always been an educationist at heart, has a career spanning thirty-one years in the education industry. He holds a degree in Education (Hons) with majors in Chemistry and a Diploma in Teaching English. His journey started in 1990, where he taught in the national primary and secondary schools in the states of Kedah and Penang for nearly ten years, before joining the private sector in the Klang Valley in 2000. He has since then been the Principal of three national private schools, two of which are premier schools – REAL Schools and SRI KDU.

He visualises himself as a source of inspiration and ensures well-rounded education in all the schools he has captained. He supports his fellow educators diligently in all areas of teaching and learning, and always encourages their growth and development via carefully planned continuing professional development programmes. His extensive experience has cultivated healthy school communities via effectively designed curricular and co-curricular programmes. More appreciably, he has successfully mentored many educators, bringing them to greater heights.

Mr Djohann has always found it an honour to be a part of a school community, both as administrator and educator. He firmly believes that families’ involvement is paramount to provide a conducive setting for children to grow and bloom to be the best versions of themselves. He pledges to make certain that all the schools that he helms are places where children are given opportunities to succeed at particularly high levels, by nurturing children to be the best that they can be.

With his professionalism, tenacity and drive, Mr Djohann’s sole passionate aim is to steer schools entrusted to him to greater heights through the faith that everyone can be honest, optimistic, pure and excellent in everything that one does – always. He also firmly believes that the future belongs to those who believe in themselves. These encompass the very spirit of Seven Skies.

Mr Djohann has been moulding and shaping future generations into life-long learners in both primary and secondary schools for more than thirty years. He has established, and continues to establish, meaningful relationships with his fellow educators, students and parents in all the schools he has taught and helmed.

He views each day as a day full of opportunities – to inspire, to learn and to achieve. His commitment to forming well-rounded young individuals who are intellectually and spiritually competent, loving, compassionate and steadfast in doing justice, and always open to progress, has always been his unwavering assurance.

Mr Djohann’s vision is still very much unaffected and clear as he continues his mission to go the extra mile and provide the best in all that he does. He is honoured to be part of the Seven Skies Islamic International School community and hopes to lead the vision of the school to further successes.

We welcome Mr Djohann into our Seven Skies family and look forward to working with him to bring the school to greater heights.


Mr. Tahir Usman

CEO & Board of Governor