The Arabic and Islamic Studies Department of Seven Skies Islamic International School is delighted to invite you to participate in its 1st Inter-school Quran Memorisation Competition which is scheduled to be held on Saturday, 21 May 2022.

This competition aims to help the reader get a strong connection with the word of Allah. As Quran teachers, we are all aware that the revision and retention of the Quran play a vital and important role in the journey to memorising the entire Quran.

We believe that as our students prepare to participate in this noble experience, they will also avail the same opportunity to gain the retention of all that they have memorised in the previous years.

All interested participants are strongly advised to read the terms and conditions of the competition carefully. Kindly fill in the registration form and forward it to latest by the 25 April 2022. Alternatively, the undersigned can also be reached at 011-2113 4976.

Venue:       Seven Skies International School Multipurpose Hall

Date:          21 May 2022

We look forward to a positive response and your students’ participation. We also ask Allah to benefit all of us and make this noble cause a sadaqah jaariyah for all participants and organisers.

Jazaakumullah khayra.

Best regards,

Ahmad Kamaldeen Adebisi

Head of Arabic, Islamic and Quran Department


Please read the following terms and conditions

General Terms & Conditions

  1.   There are four categories:

 Category 1

Nas – A’la (half Juz)

 Category 2

Nas – Nabai  (2 Juz)

 Category 3

Nas – Mulk (3 Juz)

 Category 4

Nas – Mujadilah (4 Juz)

2.    Each school is expected to register sixteen (16) participants, four for each category. Schools can send less than that number if they do not have the required number of participants.

3.    All participants will go through a preliminary round to determine the finalists.

4.    The top five scorers, for each category, in the preliminary round will enter the finals.

5.    All participants must be a fully registered student of the school.

6.    Participating schools must submit either a copy of the NRIC or the passport of their participants, together with the completed entry form.

7.    All participants must not be younger than 7 years or older than 17 years of age on the date of the competition.

8.    All completed documents must reach the organiser on or before 25 April 2022

9.    Documents can either be hand delivered or emailed to:

The Organiser

Inter-School Quran Memorisation Competition

c/o Seven Skies Islamic International School

No. 2 Jalan Elektron U16/68

Denai Alam

Sekesyen U16

40160 Shah Alam

10.    No changes of any kind will be entertained after the closing date.

11.    The judges’ decision is final. Protests of any kind will not be entertained.

Judging Criteria & Prizes


a. Each participant will be required to select an envelope containing the verses that have been decided by the judges.

b. Each participant will not know the verses they have chosen until the verses are presented to them by a member of the panel of judges.

c. Each participant will be tested with different verses.

d. A participant that commits a clear error in recitation will be notified by the Munabbih judge.

e. Each participant who fails to answer all question presented by the judges, may be asked to recite any verse that they have memorised. The recitation will not be awarded marks.


a. The judge will present questions and the participants are required to begin reading.

The duration of the reading for all categories is as follows.

▪ 3 questions
▪ 2 minutes for each question

3.    PRIZES

a. All participants will receive a souvenir and a Certificate of Participation.

b. All finalists will also receive a Certificate of Merit.

c. Cash prizes will be awarded to the top three winners of each category.

d. Consolation prizes will be awarded to the two finalists who are not adjudged as the top three winners.